For over a decade, Beau Matthews (AKA “Beau Magic”) has mastered the art of magic and honed his skill to become one of the best magicians on the planet. A shy kid who overcame his insecurity with the help of magic, Beau began performing at the age of seven after receiving a magic kit as a birthday gift. The discovery of sleight of hand set him on the path to relentlessly pursue a career as a magician. Beau began performing magic at school at every opportunity, gathering massive crowds during lunch or even during class. By the age of 14 Beau began to perform on the street for complete strangers, while his friends would capture peoples reactions on film. At 16, Beau started performing at private parties professionally and has been successful doing so ever since. Starting from humble beginnings in his hometown of Ventura, California, Beau Matthews has become one of the worlds most requested magicians for private parties. The dedication to the craft of magic has payed off, celebrities such as YG, Steve-O, KYLE, Hodgetwins, Jamie Kennedy, and more have been blown away at the unique style and presentation that only Beau Matthews is capable of.