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ONLY $297 a year for Unlimited Access (Original Price= $564)

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  • THE Magician academy

  • The  Premiere Academy For Aspiring Magicians ($2,000 Value)
    Program to Becoming A Master Magician:

    I want to shave years off the painful learning curve to becoming a master magician and accelerate my goals. I will get instant access to the program through this private website.

  • Super Bonus Content: Downloadable Books and Study Material ($500 Value)
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    Access to magic books and other study materials for accelerated learning


  • VIP Video Archive Vault: ($1,000 Value) 

    I get immediate access to over 100 hours of videos Beau recorded specifically for aspiring magicians. This is where he reveals the secrets behind tricks used by the best magicians in the world.

  • VIP Membership to Beau's Exclusive Once-A-Month Live Video Coaching Calls: ($1,000 Value)

    I will get direct access to Beau and other experts answering my questions on the once-a-month live coaching calls. People pay over $500 an hour for consulting like this but with this membership I get one call a month with Beau.

  • VIP Exclusive Facebook Group ($1,000 Value)

    Exclusive Facebook group to network and collaborate with magicians, illusionists, escape artists and other like minded individuals. 

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I so strongly believe that the Magician Academy will revolutionize your performance ability as a magician just like it has countless other people around the world, that I'm willing to give you a 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee. But let me say one thing, I guarantee you that the Magician Academy and VIP will take your quality of life to a level it has never been before. I guarantee you that it will shave years off life’s painful learning curve and help you reach your goals two to three times faster than normal. I guarantee you that this program will be full of things that you have never heard of before.

-Beau Matthews